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Jim's Steaks - West Philly

431 North 62nd Street, Philadelphia 19151, Pennsylvania

A 75 year tradition. The mouthwatering Philidelphia Cheesesteak.

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In the 1930's Jim and Millie served sandwiched out the front window of their West Philidelphia row home. In 1939 a Philadelphia tradition began when Jim turned his home at 431 N. 62nd Street into Jim's Steak's. They served cheesesteaks and his famous special Italian hoagie, milkshakes and other Philly specialties.

In the early 1960's Jim sold his business to William Proetto and his brother. In 1976, William Proetto and a partner expanded to 400 South Street. Since then its Art Deco Style and family commitment to quaility has made Jim's Steaks one of the most famous steak restaurants in Philly.

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