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Oregon Steaks

2654 S 10th Street, Philadelphia 19148, Pennsylvania

Cheesesteak Shop
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A early morning drive through South Philly led us to a serendipitous encounter with this newcomer on the Philly cheesesteak scene. Oregon Steaks is a 24/7 operation that popped up at 10th and Oregon at the very end of 2013, making it a baby compared to similar all-night joints. And it turns out the cheesesteaks are quite good — definite contenders in a crowded field.

When you order, you not only choose what kind of cheese (American, Whiz, provolone) and with or without onions, but also whether the cooks should chop the meat for your sandwich (like Jim’s), or just let it sizzle away in whole strips (like Geno’s). There’s no meat sitting ready on the grill — it’s all cooked to order — and the whole place is extremely clean. Cheesesteaks ($8.25) and other sandwiches (hoagies, chicken cutlets, breakfast sandwiches and more) all come on fresh Aversa rolls.

Extra bonus: it’s very close to the ballpark, meaning it belongs with these spots as a great pre- or post-Phillies game option.

  • +01 954 428 7035
  • info@directfromphilly.com
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